Harness word-of-mouth marketing with reviews shared by social media influencers

Here's why Metarank is a better way

Today, word-of-mouth means sharing to your social media profile or writing a review. This means the-best-of-the-best would be to write a review and then share that review to your social media profile. The Metarank platform makes the processes easy for customers to write a review, share it to their social media profile, and simple for the merchant to verify. However, most social media profiles are more like a private journal than a web page that can influence behavior. Popular people influence behavior and with Metarank, you will know who is popular. Reward the popular and the popular will reward you. No need to offer a deal to everyone when only the popular can help you.

What you get

star Several reviews per day.
star Hundreds of social media mentions per week.
star Thousands of views per month.
star Many new customers.
star Ability to offer Mega-deals to popular customers.
star Customer details like contact info and popularity score.

Everything is set up for you

You will receive a weekly email with reporting, billing, and customer info. No learning curve or training required. Your sales rep will handle account setup and changes. You are welcome to access your account anytime if you wish.

No setup cost & no monthly fees

Metarank includes reporting, contact, and ranking information per customer and the option to push deals directly to your customers or anyone based on their popularity. No setup cost and no monthly fees for the best marketing option available today!


Leverage popular like-minded connections

Create an event page and share it with your guests before and during the event. Learn who of these link-minded individuals are most popular and team up with them to spread the word.

What you get

star Learn the popularity of everyone at an event, gathering, or location.
star Ability to reward the most popular participants.
star Popular participants are your word-of-mouth marketing opportunities.
star Customer details like contact info and popularity score.

How it works

Step 1
Create your event page.

Step 2
Share the link to your event page with guests before and during event.

Step 3
Review your event page often and leverage the popular contacts for word-of-mouth marketing for this or future events.


Learn your popularity and the popularity of others

Use Metarank to learn the popularity of yourself, friends, customers, and clients. Every neighborhood, town, village, and city has local residents or visitors that are popular.

Each person is given a rank. Everyone else is either above or below you and it is free to find out. Get your rank and see which mega-deals you qualify for.